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Canton's Fathers Day

Derby Car Showdown!

June 17th, 2023 at 1:30pm

What is the Derby Car Showdown?

The pinewood derby car showdown is an event where teams assemble, paint, and customize a provided 7-inch wood car that will be raced down a sloped indoor track.


What is included?

We will provide the pinewood car kits. This includes the unpainted pinewood body, wheels, and axles. We will also have paint and brushes so you can make your car stand out from the rest!

The kit itself is good enough to race, however, we encourage teams to do whatever they would like to make their car the fastest and best looking!

Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase on-site as well!


Is this a Dads only Event?

Absolutely NOT!

Although it's hosted on Father's Day weekend anyone can enjoy this amazing event. You never know, maybe a lady's squad will steal the Father's Day Derby Crown!


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What are the Details?

Upon arriving each team will be able to pick their car body. Some are sleek, and some are boxy, but attendees will be able to choose on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Teams will be given time to build and customize their cars. Some people paint them, others sand them smooth, some put oil on the axles, or add weights, whatever you think will help you win!

There are two competitions. The car that wins the head-to-head tournament races and the competition for the best looking car!

How much Does it cost?

Your admission fee covers the cost of the kit, paints, and other customizations we will have on-site for you.

The price is per kit. NOTE: There is a maximum of 4 people per kit. (There are only so many people that can help with one car!)

Click below to see pricing!

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Can I Bring my own car?

Sadly, no. We want to make the competition as fair as possible and participants may not have access to all the tools that you do. 

However, you can bring things to customize your provided kit car.

(No motors, power tools, etc.)

Is this only for kidS?

Absolutely not. This event is for everyone! We want to create an environment where the youth can have fun figuring this car thing out and the adults that have been around the sun a few times can put their engineering hats on and make a car Henry Ford would envy!

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