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Kingdom Connection Bible Institute

Where people like you study to learn more about god


So You Want To Learn More About God...

The Kingdom Connection Bible Institute (KCBI) is for you. For a long time, a deep understanding of the Bible could only be obtained in Seminary. But now we are bringing seminary-level instruction to you in Canton!


Is This Just Another Bible Study?

If you are looking for a Bible Study, your church is a great place to start. If you want to understand the Bible, its origin, and the theology behind it on a deeper level, the Kingdom Connection Bible Institute KCBI is the place you. 

For example: Bible study will teach you that after Adam and Eve sinned there were consequences for both man and the serpent. But we dive deeper and ask deeper questions like ... Why did God curse a serpent to crawl on its belly? Hasn't it always done that?

If you're ready to go on this journey with us, Sign up today!


How much work is this going to take?

There is an old saying that you get out of it what you put into it, and this class is no different. You will be required to finish assignments and complete readings weekly. The expectation is that the readings will be completed prior to class so the discussion is more fruitful. This will be a 6-week commitment with one class each week. 


How much will each 6-week course cost?

There are two ways to take classes at (KCBI) you can sign up for the entire 6 weeks up front, or pay as you go. Click the Learn more button below to see pricing for the current class. 

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