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Cease and Desist!

The Canton Flea Market. is right around the corner and many of you have signed up for our Indoor Arts and Crafts Pop-Up Shop on that same day! Well, I wish I had better news but today I received a letter from the attorney of our great city notifying us that we are not allowed to function on the day of the flea market. Bummer right? I know so many of you were feverishly preparing your crafts to sell on that day however, it appears that (for some reason) our side of the square is not allowed to participate in any of the festivities.

Personally, we've always been up for a good battle, however, with the flea market event so close, we didn't want our amazing vendors to be caught up in the middle of this problem. So in light of this, you all should have an email in your inbox defining what happens next.

Once again we wish we had better news but it just seems that legislation had picked and chosen who and what entities can participate in the flea market based upon what side of the square businesses are on. As soon as any of this changes we will be the first to let you know!

What a way to get introduced to the city :)

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