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The Classes You Love. 

The Well LIVE

From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Introducing The Well LIVE

We've taken Everything you love about the well online!

The Well Live is an all-new interactive experience that brings the workouts you love directly to you, wherever you are. Rest assured, this is not your standard video workout or digital fitness product. It’s an energy-packed fitness experience led our awesome coaches guiding you through a true class experience, live.

Live vs.

We thought it was super important that The Well Live was actually... Live! We know that video on demand has its perks. But there is something about attending a scheduled class that will help you stay consistent and on track! When you join, you are hopping into a real class with real people working out with you!

The Experience

Anyone can throw a camera in the corner of a room as an afterthought but the Well Live Is different. We've spent countless hours trying to get the perfect experience so you feel like you are right there in the room doing the workout with us!


You are getting the same super fun heart-pumping workouts that happen at The Well anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection and you can stay connected with the fitness family at The Well!

How Much Does
The Well

It's Completely Free! (just kidding!😀) 

The Well Live gives you the experience that you enjoy at the Well from the comfort of your own home! At this time, each class series is provided as a separate monthly subscription

  1. Unlimited Membership Holders - FREE / All Live Classes

  2. Pay Per Class - $4.99 per session

  3. The Well Live Single Class Membership - $9.99 Per month / Class Series

  4. The Well Live Ultimate Membership - $24.99 Per Month / All Live Classes

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