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Dance    2   Be   Fit!

Mondays & Wednesdays at 5:30 pm 

What Is Dance 2 Be Fit?

Dance 2 Be Fit is a dance fitness class where you will laugh, sweat, and have an amazing time!

What is Dance 2 Be Fit Like?

Dance 2 Be Fit is a full-body workout that is perfect for every fitness level. We have students up to 70 years old dancing to be fit! It's not about being perfect, it's about moving your body. Whether you keep up, or take advantage of the modified steps, if you are moving, you are winning!

This Looks Too Hard!

Any new workout class can seem intimidating, but let's make a deal! How about you grab a free 1-week trial and try it out? If it's too hard, just stop and take a break. The best part of our community, is everyone it amazingly supporting and will encourage you every step of the way!

How Much Does This Cost?

It's Completely Free! (for your first week 😀) 

At The Well, we make fitness affordable for every price point. We know you're going to love us after your first free week so we make it easy for you to continue on your journey.

Here are our 5 payment options!

  1. Enjoy Your First Week Free! - Sign Up Below!

  2. Pay Per Class - $10.00 per session

  3. Basic Monthly Membership -  $34.99 per month

    • Includes 4 classes per month​

  4. Deluxe Monthly Membership -  $59.99 per month

    • Includes 8 classes per month​

  5. Premium Monthly Membership -  $69.99 per month

    • Unlimited classes per month​

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