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Something Exciting is Coming to Canton!

Stanley's Department Store Canton, Ms

Have you noticed anything changing on West Peace Street? Over the past few months, a major renovation has been taking place inside the old Stanley's department store building. Rumor has it that the Canton Square has been a little too quiet, a little too long, and it's time to bring life back to the square.

This gem of a building has always been a staple of life in Canton however it has gone unloved for far too long. When it was purchased, the roof was leaking badly, just about every light bulb had blown, and what was once a beautiful historic building had fell into disarray.

After countless hours of work from some of Canton's best contractors and tens of thousands of dollars, this building has been brought back to serviceable order. The roof has been replaced, new HVAC units have been installed, fresh paint and much more has been done just for Cantonians like you!

Why you might ask? Well... (did you catch that play on words) it will become the new home to a vibrant community hub. This isn't your mother's YMCA, think of a modern-day space where adults and youth alike can come to have fun, learn, and meet new people in an enjoyable and safe environment! Sounds like a dream for little old Canton right? Well it's time to stop dreaming and get to work.

Wee need ideas from people in the community like you to help determine what types of programs and activities are hosted here! Reach out to us and let us know.

You supply the ideas while we finish the renovation!

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