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Mondays at 6:30pm

Step 2 Be Fit!

What is Step 2 Be Fit Class?

It's a dynamic aerobic step workout suitable for all fitness levels. Let the high-energy music be your guide as you step, dance, and move towards your wellness goals. Get ready to elevate your workout and have a blast doing it!

Do I Need To Buy A Step

Nope! We try to make everything as easy as possible for you here at The Well! We've got steps on deck and ready for you.

However, the quantity is limited and first dibs will be given to those who reserve their spot online


Who Is The instructor?

None other than Coach Labroski! If you like Dance 2 Be Fit, you will love Step 2 Be Fit. Labroski is known for his high-energy, empowering encouragement, and ability to push you. If you're looking for a coach to get you where you need to go, you've found him!

Coach Labroski.png

is the class beginner friendly?

Absolutely! We were all beginners at one time or another!

To help people get started we have 3 levels of workout. Just starting out? Work out without a step to get the hang of the moves and get in a good workout. Ready for a challenge? Incorporate a step to push yourself even more. Ready to take it to the next level? Elevate your step with a riser to push it to the limit!

How Much Does This Cost?

It's Completely Free! (for your first class 😀) 

At The Well, we make fitness affordable for every price point. We know you're going to love us after your first free week so we make it easy for you to continue on your journey.

Here are our 5 payment options!

  1. Enjoy Your First Week Free! - Sign Up Below!

  2. Pay Per Class - $10.00 per session

  3. Basic Monthly Membership -  $34.99 per month

    • Includes 4 classes per month​

  4. Deluxe Monthly Membership -  $59.99 per month

    • Includes 8 classes per month​

  5. Premium Monthly Membership -  $69.99 per month

    • Unlimited classes per month​

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