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Tune Up

Tuesday & Thursdays

@5:30pm with

Coach Joyce

Tone - Core - Stretch

What Is

@ The Well

Tune Up

Tune-up is a 1-hour class that focuses on toning, core, and stretching. 


Toning - Build the muscle definition in your upper and lower body

CORE - A strong core is the foundation of your entire body. Improve your balance with a strong core foundation

Stretching - Enlongates muscles improves range of motion to recover muscles and prevent injury

Who Is This Class For?

It's For You! Just kidding... kinda :)

Tune-Up is for people who are active but have noticed the results slowing down. If you have been exercising but your body isn't changing the way you want it, this is the class to get you moving again.

Tune-Up will help you build muscle in the right places and burn fat. (hourglass anyone?)


Tune Up will also help your muscles recover and avoid injury with purposeful stretching. 

What Should I Bring?


All you need for Tune-Up is:

  • Water bottle

  • Great Attitude

  • Sneakers

Seriously, that's it. This workout is performed on workout mats which are provided. However, feel free to bring your own. 

Want an extra challenge? You can purchase and bring your own workout resistance bands to increase the difficulty of the movements even more. 

Do I Have To Stretch?

Want to know the secret to building slender toned muscles that make you look like a goddess? Your trainer won't tell you this, but it's stretching. 

As you get stronger, you lose your range of motion and what used to be long and slender, can start to look short and stocky. That's not what you want!

Join us for purposeful stretch where we stretch out all of our muscle groups to recover and reduce the chance of injury. 

How Much Does This Cost?

It's Completely Free! (for your first week 😀) 

At The Well, we make fitness affordable for every price point. We know you're going to love us after your first free week so we make it easy for you to continue on your journey.

Here are our 5 payment options!

  1. Enjoy Your First Week Free! - Sign Up Below!

  2. Pay Per Class - $10.00 per session

  3. Basic Monthly Membership -  $34.99 per month

    • Includes 4 classes per month​

  4. Deluxe Monthly Membership -  $59.99 per month

    • Includes 8 classes per month​

  5. Premium Monthly Membership -  $69.99 per month

    • Unlimited classes per month​

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