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About Us

The mission of "The Well" is to serve as a vibrant community hub where individuals of all backgrounds can come together to connect, have fun, and share ideas. We strive to create a welcoming environment that provides a space for members of the community to connect with one another and to engage in a variety of programs and events that inspire personal growth and community building through fun and, engaging activities. 

At "The Well", there is something for everyone!

What's The Big Idea?

The Well is a 5,000-square-foot flexible community space that is the center of it all.

  • "The Atrium" is a 1,680 square foot (70' x 24') space designed to host the largest community and private events. This space can seat up to 80 people banquet style (round tables) and more than 200 theater style (chairs only).

  • "The Studio" is our smaller more intimate space. With generous dimensions 936 square feet (24'x39'), it's the perfect location for workshops, fitness classes, and smaller private events. This space can also be rented out in combination with the Atrium for an even larger space. 

  • Small Business Cells are leased office spaces boasting up to 300 square feet designed to support local thriving small businesses. The first cell is targeted to be available in mid to late 2023.

  •  The Well was traditionally where people drew water, communed, and came together in the center of a community. The Well in Canton is that and more. Built around its central Café and coffee shop, we invite you to meet, connect, and enjoy the best part of Canton. Targeted for opening in late 2023. 

What's At The Well?

Private Events


Want to rent out our amazing space for your next party, seminar, class, or event? You can utilize our large 2,000+ square foot space or one of our smaller spaces to bring your ideas to life.

Meetups & Clubs


The Well opens its doors to community members that have formed clubs and groups around shared interests such as sororities and fraternities,  community development, gardening, book clubs, hiking, chess, board games, and more.

Entertainment Events


The Well host entertainment and other fun events such as game nights, movie nights, talent shows, music and dance performances to bring the community together and foster connections.

Workshops & Classes


The Well hosts talks, seminars and classes on a variety of topics such as art, music, cooking, writing, technology, and more. These classes are taught by experts or community members who are passionate about sharing their skills.

Health & Wellness


The Well offers health and wellness programs such as yoga, meditation, and fitness classes for every age group looking to create a healthier lifestyle. 

Small Business Space


The Well is making room for your business! If you need space for your business to start, grow, or continue to expand, The Well offers small businesses space to do just that. Coming in Q3 2023

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